How do I bleed a radiator?

We don’t come out to bleed radiators, but it is something simple and easy you can do yourself.

To bleed the radiator, you will need a radiator bleed key or screwdriver, and an old cloth or something you can put under the radiator bleed valve to catch the water. If the heating has been on and the radiators are hot you need to let them cool down first before bleeding.

Turn the bleed valve found at the top of the radiator slowly towards you (or anti-clockwise) until you can hear air coming out. Don’t take it all the way out or you won't be able to shut it off when the water appears.

When water starts to come out of the valve, turn it off.

Some older style radiators have their bleed point on the back of the panel. These can still be bled in the same way using a radiator bleed key.

Here’s a handy video you can watch about how to bleed your radiator.

If you have a combi boiler, you will need to top up your boiler pressure after bleeding a radiator.