I've got low water pressure or no water at all to my property

First, check if any of your neighbours have the same issue. If they do, you need to contact your water supplier.

To find your water supplier click here.

It’s only my property affected

If it is only your property affected, check the stop tap is turned anticlockwise several times. Sometimes if you have had some plumbing work done at the property, the operative may have forgotten to turn the water back on.

I’ve got a water meter

If you’ve got a water meter, there may also be a blue lever tap on the pipe that comes out of the meter, as well as the original stop tap below. You can check this is turned on by ensuring the blue lever is parallel to the pipe.

Some properties are fitted with an electronic 'sure stop' stop tap, which is operated by a switch, either above the worktop or in the kitchen cupboard, and sometimes on a wall in a bathroom. Make sure this is turned on.

I’ve checked the stop tap and it’s turned on

If the stop tap is already turned on, you need to contact your water supplier. You must do this first before you report any repair to us, as we can’t do anything with any water supply or supply-related water problems outside your property.

There are black bits coming from my tap

This usually forms in the end of the tap itself and is not a problem with the incoming mains water. It can affect one tap or every tap. It is more common in lever taps as there is a plastic diffuser in the end of the tap that retains water/moisture. All you need to do is give this a clean with an old toothbrush.

If you’re still worried that there is an issue with the quality of your water supply, you need to contact your water supplier.