I want to sell my shared ownership home

You need our consent to sell the property or to make any changes in the legal ownership. You need to do this before advertising your home for sale or as soon as you decide you need or wish to change the legal ownership.

To get our consent for this we require the following:

  • Name(s) of the leaseholder(s)
  • Full property address
  • Percentage share currently owned
  • Confirmation that it is the intention to sell or transfer ownership

This can be sent via email at enquiries@futureshg.co.ukor to our postal address Futures Housing Group, PO Box 141, Innovation House, Coniston Court, Blyth, NE24 9FQ.

We will provide you with a conditional consent letter allowing you to sell your share. We usually review this within 5 working days of receiving the required documentation.

What do I need to do next?

You must pass a copy of the conditional consent letter to both your estate agent and solicitor.

What fees are involved?

There are estate agent fees, conveyancing fees and a leasehold property enquiry fee (LPE1). 

Conveyancing fees are legal fees involved in sale and purchase of property that involves getting new owners registered. Further information about conveyancing can be found here.

LPE1 fee cost is £90 and is payable by the seller. This document supplies full details on the property for the buyer of the property.

Further information about buying and selling a home can be found at Citizens Advicehere.