I've received letters with different direct debit amounts

By law, we must send written confirmation to you if there are any changes to your Direct Debit. You might receive a letter from us if we’ve recalculated your payments to clear your final balance or reflect a change you’ve requested to your monthly payments.

You will receive an annual statement confirming your rent and any other charges you need to pay in the Spring each year. At the same time, you may receive one letter confirming your final Direct Debit payment for the financial year, and then a second letter confirming what your payment will be going forwards. Rent is calculated using financial years (April-March) rather than calendar years.

Rent sometimes changes at the start of a new financial year (April) depending on the charges that are set by the government. You can always check your rent account using My Account.

Why is my Direct Debit payment higher than my actual rent?

To try to avoid you falling into arrears, our aim is for you to be 4 weeks advance with your rent. Sometimes this is added to your Direct Debit amount, so it accrues as your make your monthly payments, rather than having to pay it at once when you start your tenancy.

What if I can’t afford my Direct Debit?

If you’re struggling to pay your rent, please contact us on 0300 456 2531 or Live Chat with us so we can help you. We can usually come up with a payment plan that helps you to clear any arrears by the end of the year. Don’t forget, we have a dedicated money advice service who can help you with everything from claiming support to budgeting.