What should I do about a problem with birds, bees, wasps, bats, ants or a nest?

We cannot help with any of these types of pests. We can only direct you to the correct organisation who can deal with this for you.

Ants or wasps

You need to contact your local council. To find your local council click here. 


You need to contact a local beekeeper. Specific advice is available from the British Beekeepers Association by visiting the Find beekeeping near You | British Beekeepers Association (bbka.org.uk) website or you can call on 0300 020 0649.


Contact the national bat helpline on 0345 1300228 or visit National Bat Helpline - Our Work - Bat Conservation Trust (bats.org.uk) website.


Visit The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) for advice on birds from the RSPB.

If there are any problems with your home because of any pests, such as holes that need filling after any bats or birds have gone, report this to us using My Account or contact us via Live Chat and include the size and location of the hole.