My family member/partner has passed away, what happens with my home?

We understand that it can be upsetting when someone you’ve shared your home with has passed away and we’re here to support you through this difficult time.

Depending on the type of tenancy you have, there are different steps you need to take.

I am a joint tenant on the tenancy agreement

You have an automatic right to a ‘survivorship’ if you are a joint tenant, and one person dies. This means the tenancy stays with you.

How do I apply for survivorship?

Please contact us to let us know about the death as soon as you can. To amend your records, we’ll need a copy of the death certificate.

I am a household member living in the property

If you were not listed on the tenancy agreement and the person held a sole tenancy (only in their name), but you have been living in the home, you can apply for the tenancy to be passed to you through a ‘succession’.

You apply for succession the same way regardless of your relationship with the person who has died. You still need to apply for a succession even if you are their spouse/partner, if you were listed as a household member.

How do I apply for succession?

You need to complete the Succession application form.docx. Send your completed form over to us via email or in the post to Futures Housing Group, PO BOX 141, Innovation House, Coniston Court, Blyth, NE24 9FQ.

We also need to see your ID and proof of residency at the property address. This might include your driving license, passport, or a bill in your name at the address.

Please include this documentation with your application form.

Our neighbourhoods team will consider the size and type of property before they decide. If the size or type of property is no longer appropriate for your household, we will look to support you to move to more suitable accommodation. We will contact you about your application within five working days.

How do I terminate the tenancy?

Click here for further information on giving notice and terminating a tenancy.