How do I apply for a social rent Futures property?

We offer several different types of homes from social rent, market rent, shared ownership, and outright sale.

Social rent homes

Firstly, you must be on the housing register.

You need to apply to your local council to go on to the housing register. You may have to join a waiting list and there are no guarantees you will be successful in an offer of a property. They will review your application based on a banding or points system to assess your housing need. 

Anyone from the age of 18+ can apply to go on the housing register and legally hold a tenancy. There are some allocation policies that will allow ages 16 and 17 to register, however this will be dependent on the individual Local Authority and their allocation policy. 

You can find your local council by clicking here.

Further information about council and housing association homes can be found here.

I’m already on the housing register

Once you have been accepted onto the housing register by the local council, you will be provided with a unique reference number. The council will assess your application in accordance with the relevant Allocations Policy for eligibility. You will receive a welcome pack email and then you can start to place bids on properties that you are eligible for.

How does it work?

Your council will either operate a choice-based lettings system or have a nomination process via an agreement between the council and Futures Housing Group.

If your local council operates on a nomination process, this means that if you are eligible for a particular property, they will nominate you for that particular property. One of our Home Choices Advisors will review the nomination and make contact to discuss the offer process.

If your local council operates a choice-based lettings system, this means that you can place bids on properties that you eligible for and are interested in. If you are successful with any of your bids, one of our Home Choices Advisors will contact you once they have reviewed the list of interest and will offer properties by date and priority order.

How many bids am I allowed?

This can vary between different councils, ask them for confirmation if you are unsure.

How long are properties advertised for?

Most property adverts run for 8 days, and they will close after this time and then the shortlist of interest is automated into priority order. However, you can check this at any time with your local council.

What happens after bids are placed on properties?

Bids can be placed any time up to the end of the advert cycle and then the system automates a shortlist of interest into priority and date order.

One of our Home Choices Advisors will review the successful applicants once the adverts have closed and make contact to confirm.

For any unsuccessful bids, these can be shown on your personal on-line account.