My electric shower isn't working or something on it has broken

Please note you should never attempt to undertake any electrical repairs yourself; this includes any alterations to electrical fixtures and fittings e.g., replacing a socket, switch, light fitting or altering any wiring.

Our self-help information is intended to help you get your power back on where there is an easy fix, diagnose an electrical issue, or isolate a potentially dangerous area.

If you fitted your own shower

We don’t carry out repairs on showers installed by customers. You would need to ask a suitably qualified electrician or plumber to carry out any repairs.

Do you have an electric shower or a mixer shower?

A mixer shower usually looks like a metal bar and can be part of the taps on the bath itself, or it might be wall mounted, with two pipes or fittings coming directly out of the wall. If you think you have a mixer shower click here.


An electric shower will be a white box on the wall above a bath or shower tray. It will have a pull cord to turn the power on and off and will usually have a power neon that lights up when it is turned on. 

I have an electric shower

We don’t repair or replace showers if you have fitted it yourself. We don’t install any new showers from scratch unless it is an approved adaptation.

Please choose the option below bets matched to the problem you have with your shower.

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