I'd like information about Beep Assist lifeline / telecare options

Beep Assist, part of Futures Housing Group, is a TSA accredited provider of lifeline technology and offers solutions to help people stay safe and independent in their home for longer.

What telecare/lifeline products do you have to offer through Beep Assist?

Beep Assist clever technology gives protection and peace of mind. The team members will work with you to decide what you need to feel safe, confident, and independent in your own home.

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How much do the packages cost?

Our Beep team work with each customer to design a bespoke service that is specific to their needs. It’s not one-size fits all –because that’s not what’s best for customers.

There are no hidden fees, and no extra costs for installation and you’ll be supported by the expert team members, who are all based in the East Midlands. 

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I’d like to discuss some options or arrange a visit

Give the team a call on 0333 999 7430 from 8:30-16:30, Mon-Fri or email hello@beep-assist.co.uk and a member of the team will be in touch to arrange a personal visit.

You can find further information about the Beep Assist team, products, and packages by clicking here.