I've lost my key fob

We will charge you for a replacement key fob and need to take payment for this over the phone before we send you a new one. The cost varies depending on what type of key fob it is and what property you live in, but usually ranges between £10 and £50. 

When you report your lost key fob, let us know what colour it is and what it’s used for – for example, gate entry or communal door entry.

How do I report this?

You can call or email us to report. Make sure you have the following information ready.

  • What’s your address?
  • What colour key fob have you lost?
  • What do you use your key fob for? For example, front door, car park etc.
  • How many have you lost?
  • Do you have another way of access?

Give us a call on 0300 456 2531 if it’s urgent and you can’t access your home or contact us via Live Chat including all the above information.