I want to complain about animals being kept at a property

Generally, anyone living in one of our properties (excluding any type of shared or communal accommodation) can keep two domestic pets without permission from us. However, they need permission for any additional or other animals.

We know it can be frustrating if the animals are noisy from time to time, but consider whether this is only at certain times such as when they are being fed or when their owner comes home.

How do I report this?

Send us an email to enquiries@futureshg.co.uk and include the following information:

  • Property address where the animals are
  • What animals are they?
  • How many animals are there?
  • Have you seen them?
  • What nuisance are they causing?
  • Are you concerned about the customer or animals’ welfare?
  • Are they breeding animals?

If you have serious concerns about an animal’s welfare you should also report this to the RSPCA.

RSPCA National Cruelty and Advice Line is open from 7am-10pm, 7 days a week for reports of animals suffering due to sickness, injury, cruelty, or neglect. You can report concerns on 0300 1234 999 and you can visit the website here.

What we’ll do

When we receive your query, it will be triaged by the customer services team to make sure you’ve provided all the information we need, and then it will be passed to a neighbourhood officer for investigation. They will get in touch with you within 5 working days.