How do I report fly tipping?

Thank you for keeping your community tidy by reporting fly tipping. Waste and rubbish left can be unsightly in your neighbourhood and cause environmental issues like pests.

What will we do?

Depending on where the rubbish has been left, it might be our responsibility or the local council. We will collect fly tipping that has been left on our land or communal spaces.

If you think it isn’t on Futures land or in our neighbourhood, click here to find out further information on fly tipping and how to find your local council.

How do I report this to Futures?

When reporting the issue to us please include the following information:

  • Where is the rubbish? What street/place is it nearby?
  • What kind area has it been tipped on? (for example, open grassed area, communal, waste land, garage, street)
  • How long has it been there for?
  • Can you see any hazardous waste? (needles, dog waste, nappies)
  • Have you seen any pests? (mice, rats)

Send the information to us at or use our online form.