What repairs don't you do?

There are some repairs that we don’t support with.

We know this might be frustrating, but these are often things that are easy to do yourself. You can often buy the equipment you need from a DIY store or your local supermarket. 

We've created some handy videos and how to guides to help you manage or deal with some of these repairs yourself. Search for your repair in our question box to find out what to do.

If you are struggling with any of these things, try asking a friend, relative or a neighbour if they could help you, or consider hiring a specialist.

We can’t help with:


  • Bleeding radiators
  • First attempts at unblocking waste
  • Problems with cold water pressure, if it’s from your incoming mains supply
  • The cooker, if you purchased your own
  • No gas to property
  • Outside tap, if you fitted it yourself
  • Fitting new outside taps from scratch where there isn't one already fitted
  • Plugs and chains
  • Installing or exchanging a radiator
  • Replacing a bath with a shower or vice versa
  • First attempt to repressurise boiler
  • Toilet seats
  • Water butts
  • Weather compensators, when the heating is working correctly


  • Changing light bulbs and/or starter motors
  • Repairing your cooker (if it belongs to you)
  • Diffusers (plastic light covers)
  • Installing a new electric shower, unless this is an approved adaptation
  • Fixing or replacing pull cords for electric showers and lights
  • Replacing fuses to appliances 3amp or 13amp
  • Replacing shower head and hose
  • Supplying temporary heaters
  • Fixing washing machines/dishwashers, unless they’re in a communal area
  • Repairing or replacing doorbells
  • Fitting additional sockets where none are fitted


  • Boarding a loft
  • Boarding up or making a cat flap
  • Providing pipe boxing
  • Fitting or repairing curtain poles or battens
  • Fitting or repairing night latches or bolts
  • Fitting pelmets
  • Planing doors – for example, where this is required due to new carpets or flooring that’s been fitted
  • Door security chains
  • Timber shed repairs, even if your shed was gifted to you when you moved in


  • Removing or bricking up fireplaces
  • Line posts and rotary driers (unless shared)
  • Minor plaster cracks (smaller than a £1 coin)
  • Removal of asbestos that isn’t damaged or potentially harmful
  • Supplying sandbags – this is dealt with by your local council
  • Repairing or installing driveways
  • Clearing moss from roofing


  • Anything damaged by you, anyone in your household or pets
  • First attempt at clearing a blocked gully
  • Decking repairs, hedge cutting, and gardening
  • Fitting underlay for carpets
  • Hanging mirrors and pictures
  • Fixing loose wallpaper
  • Moving items like radiators or electric heaters
  • Painting handrails
  • Painting window frames
  • Painting external or internal doors
  • Pest control excluding rats, mice or squirrels inside your home
  • Redecorating
  • Re-site satellite dishes while there is scaffolding installed
  • Providing sandbags
  • Providing shower curtains
  • Tree cutting