What should I do if my cables are damaged?

If you know which cable is damaged, you must turn off the affected circuit at the fuse board. So, if it is your cooker cable that’s damaged, you need to turn the cooker switch off on the fuse board. The circuits should all be labelled. Report the repair to us.

If you are unable to identify what circuit the cable belongs to you will need to give us a call on 0300 456 2531 to report the issue.

What if it’s a plug socket?

If there is any item which needs to be kept plugged in, for example a fridge/freezer or fish tank, use a fully unwound extension cable and plug it into a socket that is still working.

What if it’s a light switch?

Check that you have green lights on your smoke alarm, as turning off some light circuits can affect mains smoke alarms. If your smoke alarm is affected, you need to call us so we can get someone out to you urgently.

I need to report a repair

If you are not sure which cable is damaged give us a call on 0300 456 2531 to report it so we can get one of our electricians out ASAP. If water is leaking into a socket, ensure you isolate the circuit on the fuse board to make it safe. It should be labelled (e.g., Kitchen sockets, downstairs sockets)