Giving notice on a private rent home

How much notice do I need to give?

If you want to end your tenancy with us, you need to give us 4 weeks’ notice.

How do I give notice?

You need to put your notice in writing, the easiest way to do this is to send to us via email to

Your tenancy end date will be exactly 4 weeks from the date the email is received.

You should get an acknowledgement email within 1 working day from one of our Lettings Coordinators.

This will be followed up by a letter confirming the tenancy end date and the pre termination inspection date which you should receive in 5 working days.

What happens after I have given my notice?

We will visit your home to do a pre termination inspection. This is to check whether any repairs need doing to the property before it gets relet, and we will take some pictures for advertising.

On checkout of the property the Lettings Coordinator will complete the inventory and a copy of this will sent via email you. This will also include details of the property condition and any deposit being taken away from the bond.