Moving to a new home

If you are moving home you need to end your tenancy with us by giving us four weeks' notice, either in writing or over the phone. Your tenancy will always end on a Sunday. You need to complete our End of Tenancy Form which you can also get from our Customer Services team if you would like to call us to make the arrangements over the phone.

What happens next?

We’ll need to arrange what’s called a pre termination inspection. This is to inspect the property before it is relet so we can get any necessary repairs done when you move out. Our surveyor will also take some pictures of the property ready for advertising. It is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions about the home you are leaving.

When you end your tenancy we will:

  • give you a receipt for the notice that you provide
  • write to confirm that we have received this and confirm the date when your tenancy ends
  • tell you how much rent you need to pay to clear your account
  • send you an end of tenancy survey to complete