There are temperature changes the shower is running cold or the water flow seems different occasionally

There are temperature changes, or the water flow seems different occasionally

If you’ve recently fitted a new shower head or hose and it isn’t the same brand as the shower, this could be causing the problem with the water flow or temperature. Try fitting the original shower head and see if this solves the issue. Shower heads and hoses should always be replaced with the same brand or a compatible brand.

Always make sure the shower head is clean and de-limescaled. It is very important that you soak the head in limescale remover before you report a repair to us as this is the most common cause of a shower not working correctly. This includes fluctuations in temperature and low flow rates. Also, make sure there are no kinks in the hose. Wiping the shower head after every use is good practice as this helps prevent the build-up of limescale.

Do you have two controls on your electric shower?

Sometimes the temperature controls may not be set up correctly. Certain types of showers have two controls, one for switching the shower on/off and the shower flow pressure, and another for the thermostat control. In winter the incoming water supply is a lot colder, which can cause the shower to feel less warm. In summer, the incoming mains water is warmer, so the temperature settings on the shower may need turning down.

If you have two controls on your shower, the top one will usually be the power or pressure flow. You need to turn this fully clockwise to face the 2 red symbols, which means it is on full power mode. The bottom control for the thermostat can then be used and changed to whatever your preference of temperature is.

How do I report a repair?

You can report a repair to us at anytime, anywhere using My Account or contact us via Live Chat. Let us know when reporting that you’ve followed the advice and what you’ve tried to get it working, this helps us to assess what to do next to get the right person for the job.