My smoke or heat alarm is broken or sounding/bleeping

We only replace smoke alarms if we have fitted them. If you have a faulty smoke alarm that you have fitted, we can attend but we will only remove it, we won’t replace it. You will need to do this yourself. You can request a home fire safety visit at any time from the Fire and Rescue service.

The smoke alarm is constantly sounding / beeping

If a smoke alarm is constantly sounding you need to clean all the smoke alarms in the property using a vacuum cleaner, this should silence the alarm(s) within 20 minutes or so. If this doesn’t work, call us to report a repair.

If you’ve been cooking, could the alarm have detected smoke from this, in which case no repair is necessary as the alarm has done its job.

Watch our video here about smoke alarms.

The smoke alarm is broken or loose

Call us to report a repair ASAP.

Do you have a smoke alarm fitted as part of your lifeline/Beep Assist package?

Contact the Beep Assist team by calling 0333 999 7430.

My wired mains fitted smoke alarm keeps beeping on and off

This means it is sounding once every 60 seconds or so.

Carbon monoxide detectors sound similar so check if it is this that is beeping. You can usually find these in the lounge. Check the fault light and/or battery light isn’t flashing. If they are flashing its faulty. Check the expiry date on front of detector. If it is the CO alarm that’s sounding, please click here for guidance.

Mains smoke alarms will have a permanent green light to show it has power and a flashing red light every minute to show it is testing the air for smoke. Since the battery cannot be changed, the alarm will sound if it has lost power or is broken, or if the back up battery is coming towards the end of it's life. You will need to call us to report the repair so we can get someone out ASAP.

If there is no green light on, check the fuse board to see if anything has tripped. To check the switches, start by turning all trip switches off and then back on again to make sure everything is working and not tripped out.

After you have done this, check if the green light has come back on and the beeping has stopped. If this is the case, the smoke alarm should be working okay but it is worth testing the smoke alarm by pressing the test button after about half an hour to make sure it continues to work. If this hasn't happened the smoke alarm will not be working, and you need to call us to report the repair straight away.

My smoke alarm is battery powered

Try changing the battery in your smoke alarm first. These are 9v batteries and you can buy them from most hardware stores or your local supermarket.

If changing the battery doesn’t work, call us to report a repair.

I need to report a repair

If your smoke alarms aren’t working, it is classed as a priority repair so give us a call on 0300 456 2531 to report it so we can get one of our electricians out ASAP.