When will the communal grass be cut / mown?

We aim to cut the grass on Futures land every 5-6 weeks between March and August.

You might have noticed changes to the way we’re cutting the grass in the spaces we look after. We’ve moved away from a ‘cut and collect’ system, where we collect and dispose of grass clippings, to a ‘cut and fly’ system. This is where the grass is trimmed in the same way as before, but rather than collecting the clippings and transporting them elsewhere to be disposed of, we leave them where they fall to decompose into the ground.

This might mean that the grass doesn’t look as neat and tidy initially, and we know that this might be disappointing. However, there are real benefits to this new system in the long term, for our customers, the environment and us as an organisation.

Why hasn’t the grass near me been cut?

While we aim for every 5-6 weeks as a minimum, there are occasions where we are not able to access or cut the grass for various reasons.

For example, we cannot cut grass where there is excessive dog fouling.

We’ve also encountered large amounts of litter such as used disposable barbecues and similar products being left on the verges, which prevent us being able to access the grass.

If you notice dog fouling or litter near you, you can report this to our customer services team or your local council for investigation.

There have also been recent issues where personal belongings such as garden gnomes and other decorations have been left on the communal areas, which we do not want to damage during grass cutting. Please only put decorations on the communal areas when you are using them, putting them away afterwards so these areas are free for us and other customers to access when required.

If you notice our team arriving and there are personal items or washing on the communal areas, please remove them to give our team easy access. Any personal items left in communal areas are left at your own risk.

You should also unblock or unlock any gates that might prevent our team from being able to access the areas they need to work on.

For further information about grass cutting click here.

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