I am concerned about someone or think they might be at risk

Looking out for each other creates a great sense of community and great neighbourhoods.

If you think someone may be in any immediate danger or at risk of harm, then always call the police on 999. The police can carry out what is called ‘a safe and well’ or ‘welfare check’ with your neighbour just to make sure everything is okay.

If you have concerns about one of your neighbours who lives in a Futures property, you can let us know by completing our online form or sending us an email at enquiries@futureshg.co.uk.

Please include the following information so we can do our best to help your neighbour:

  • What is the name and address of the person you are concerned about?
  • What is the detail of what has been happening?
  • What have you witnessed personally?
  • How long has this been going on?
  • When did your concerns begin?

You can also complete a safeguarding referral yourself online or over the phone to the relevant county council social care and safeguarding services. To find your county council click here.

What we’ll do

When we receive your query, it will be triaged by the customer services team to make sure you’ve provided all the information we need, and then it will be passed to a neighbourhood officer for investigation. They will get in touch with you within 5 working days.