Is there any help I can get if I'm worried or struggling with my electricity / gas / water bills?

Depending on your location and situation there may be emergency help available via your County Council, Local Council, or energy provider.

So that we can better support you in looking at available options, contact our Money Advice Team who will be able to help assess your situation and provide appropriate guidance.

I’m worried about gas and electricity bills

You can contact your energy provider or our Money Advice Team to discuss your concerns and guidance on applying for any relevant scheme can be provided.

I am struggling to pay my water bills

Water providers usually have a scheme available for low-income households where they can help reduce the cost of your bill.  Try contacting your water provider to check eligibility and to register for their scheme or contact our Money Advice Team so that we can guide you through the support available. To find your water supplier click here.

How do I contact the Tenancy Support Team?

You can contact the team via Live Chat, email, or by giving us a call and speaking to one of our trained Customer Service Advisors. Where you have no one else to help you, we can refer you into our Tenancy Support Team who can help you manage a successful tenancy including maximising your income, reducing debt and budgeting.