How do I report an issue involving drugs or substance abuse?

Unfortunately, the work we can do is limited if the issue is not reported to the police. This can be reported anonymously to ensure you remain unaffected.

We take the use and production of drugs and other substances in Futures properties very seriously and recognise the effects it can have on the community of a neighbourhood. If you believe drugs are being used or produced on Futures property it is important to inform the police as soon as possible. Reports of drug use are always appreciated and help us to tackle the issue.

How to report antisocial behaviour

Keep a diary of the times and dates of any incidents and times you contacted the police for at least two weeks before contacting us. Make a note of what time this started, how long it lasted, and the impact it had on you, your family, or your home. You can use ourincident log.doc template to record this.

When you have logged the repeated incidents, you can report this to be investigated by our neighbourhood's team by sending your incident log.doc via email to us at

You will need to tell us about the issue, and what, if anything, you’ve tried to resolve this yourself. For example, if you’ve spoken to your neighbour directly and if you know of anyone else who is experiencing the same issue. 

We’ll also need to know if you’ve reported this to the police or local authority, and if you have a reference number.