Error code ignition failure

Error code E1-33 or ignition failure fault lights are shown because of three possible reasons:

  • No gas to the property or you've run out of gas on your meter
  • The boiler has an ignition fault
  • The condensate pipe is frozen due to severe cold weather conditions which usually below when temperatures dip and stay below freezing point

Firstly, you need to establish if you've run out of gas, if there's is an issue with the gas meter, or if there's a fault with the boiler itself.

It is important to establish which one is the cause of the fault, as we won’t attend to a situation where you've run out of gas or there's a fault with the meter, but we would attend if there's a fault with the boiler.

If you need help on how to check if you've gas to your property click here.

Error code e1-33 when it’s extreme cold weather or generally below freezing

All condensing boilers are prone to frozen condensate pipes during extreme cold weather. This will cause the boiler to stop working as a safety device operates to stop the boiler flooding. This fault can usually be resolved by pouring a kettle full of very hot water over the plastic condensate pipe outside. It will usually be frozen on the elbow where the pipe comes out of the wall.

The process may need to be repeated, and you may have to wait for an hour or so to let the sensors dry out inside the boiler. You then need to manually reset your boiler using the reset button on the front of the boiler, as it will have locked out due to the frozen pipe.