How can I get help with budgeting and managing my money?

With the current cost of living crisis, it is now more important than ever to monitor your spending. Futures has a dedicated money advice team that aim to provide our customers with ways to take control of their finances and feel more confident about money.

We have put together a list of resources that may be useful for you to review ways you could budget more effectively and save efficiently.

A budget calculator can assist with planning your months spending and help you take control of your finances. Having a clear idea of what you are spending your money on is the first step to successful budgeting.

Money Saving Expert

Martin Lewis and the Money Saving Expert website has a free budget planner that accurately maps your incomings and outgoings over the year. The website will tell you whether your current budget is sustainable and provides other resources that educate users about sustainability when spending. 

The site has several articles to read before starting your budgeting journey. These include 6 steps to consider before starting your budgeting journey, lists of ways to increase savings that range from “pain free” to “painful” and an introduction to their “Piggy Bank Technique”. 

You can see the website here.

National Debt Helpline

The National Debt Helpline is a charity that focusses on helping people take control of their finances. The website has a live webchat and a phone line that offers free advice on how to deal with large debts, increased bills, and any other advice on budgeting. They have a budget tool which is specifically aimed at raising money to pay back debts.

The website also has a fact sheet for legal advice about debt and sample letters to use when communicating about debt.

You can see the website here.


The mental health charity, Mind, has dedicated a whole page to its research into the link between poor mental health and poor money management. The charity investigates the cycle of stress from poor money management leading to mental health issues, which then in turn leads to worse money management. 

Their website is designed to reduce the stress that comes with money. The site has resources that inform users about organising finances, claiming benefits, dealing with mental health services and how to reach out for help if you need support with your financial problems. 

You can see the website here.

Money Helper

Money helper offers free guidance on various things including budgeting, benefits, and pensions. Click here to find out more information.

How do I contact the Tenancy Support Team?

You can contact the team via Live Chat, email, or by giving us a call and speaking to one of our trained Customer Service Advisors. Where you have no one else to help you, we can refer you into our Tenancy Support Team who can help you manage a successful tenancy including maximising your income, reducing debt and budgeting.

Futures is not responsible for any of the content on the websites included in this article.

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