My light (or lights) aren't working

Please note you should never attempt to undertake any electrical repairs yourself; this includes any alterations to electrical fixtures and fittings e.g., replacing a socket, switch, light fitting or altering any wiring.

Our self-help information is intended to help you get your power back on where there is an easy fix, diagnose an electrical issue, or isolate a potentially dangerous area.

We don't replace or repair any of the following:

  • Light bulbs
  • Fluorescent strip lighting tubes
  • Light pull cords (string only)
  • Light diffusers (plastic covers over the fluorescent lights)
  • Starter motors (used with florescent tubes)

You need to repair any of these yourself. If you are struggling, you should ask a family member, friend, or neighbour if they can help you.

If a light is flickering, or still lighting up for a few seconds after being switched off the bulb will need replacing.

We will only attend if the light fitting itself is damaged. Please choose the appropriate lighting fault listed below for some specific advice.