My lights aren't working

Please note you should never attempt to undertake any electrical repairs yourself; this includes any alterations to electrical fixtures and fittings e.g., replacing a socket, switch, light fitting or altering any wiring.

Our self-help information is intended to help you get your power back on where there is an easy fix, diagnose an electrical issue, or isolate a potentially dangerous area.

We don’t replace or repair any of the following:

  • Light bulbs
  • Fluorescent strip lighting tubes
  • Light pull cords (string only)
  • Light diffusers (plastic covers over the fluorescent lights)
  • Starter motors (used with florescent tubes)

You need to repair any of these yourself. If you are struggling, you should ask a family member, friend, or neighbour if they can help you.

If a light is flickering, or still lighting up for a few seconds after being switched off the bulb will need replacing.

We will only attend if the light fitting itself is damaged. Please see individual light fault below for some specific advice.

The light fitting is damaged

You need to check the fitting to see if there are any live parts showing. If you can see live parts or wires, you need to go to the fuse board and turn off the affected circuit as this could be dangerous. All circuits should be labelled. It is important you do not use the light at all until the repair has been completed.

If only one light fitting is affected (ceiling pendant), turn it off at the switch and don't use it until the repair has been completed.

You need to check if you still have green lights on your smoke alarms as turning off some light circuits could affect mains smoke alarms. If your smoke alarms are affected, then give us a call to report the repair.

It’s only one or two lights or the fluorescent tube light not working

This is likely to be the bulb, or it could be the starter motor if it's a fluorescent tube. You need to make sure the light switch is turned off and change the bulb. You should use good quality light bulbs. Poor quality bulbs are likely to keep blowing. Many fluorescent tubes come with a starter in the box when purchased.

Please try this before you contact us, to make sure the issue is not related to a faulty bulb. If you are struggling, you should ask a family member, friend, or neighbour if they can help you.

If the light is a fluorescent type, you need to try changing the starter motor, as this is your responsibility. Remember that LED bulbs will not work as a replacement for a fluorescent tube.

It’s a bathroom light cover

Bathroom light covers can sometimes be a little tricky to remove and may need twisting to remove, and sometimes you’ll need to insert and twist a screwdriver in a slot on the side.

There are three main types of bathroom light covers we fit in our homes. If you are unable to safely remove the light cover, try asking a neighbour or relative that could help you. 

The only exception to this is if a new style LED light fitting has been installed. Some of these lights do not have bulbs that can be replaced, and the whole light fitting has to be changed. If it’s an LED light, report a repair to us.

The street lights/lampposts aren’t working

Some street lighting belongs to Futures, and some is your local council’s responsibility. If the lamppost has a number on the post itself or near the lightbulb, then you need to report this to the council. To find your local council click here. 

Lampposts that Futures are responsible for don’t have numbers or codes printed on them, so you can report these to us if they aren’t working. Make sure you let us know which street it’s on and the property number it is outside to help us find the right one.

Communal lighting isn’t working

When reporting any communal light(s) that aren’t working please tell us where the lights are, and which ones aren’t working and the property number they are outside or closest to. If you include your contact details too, we can let you know when we will come out to repair it.

Emergency lighting isn’t working

Emergency lighting is the green lighting that tells you where to exit in the event of an emergency. This isn’t the same as any outdoor lights that might not be working. When reporting the repair, please include which light and where in the building it is.

How do I report a repair?

You can report a repair to us at anytime, anywhere using My Account or contact us via Live Chat. Let us know when reporting that you’ve followed the advice and what you’ve tried to get it working, this helps us to assess what to do next to get the right person for the job.

If your smoke alarms are affected, report this to us by giving us a call on 0300 456 2531.