I'm having problems with my hot and / or cold taps

It’s quite normal to have to run some cold water off before the hot water comes from the tap. This is because the cold water in the pipework will need running off first.

If you have a combi boiler it may take a little longer, as usually it will light a few seconds after the tap has been opened. Waiting 20-30 seconds is quite normal if the water runs hot after this.

No water is coming out of one my taps

If there is only one tap affected, make sure the service valve is turned on for the tap, especially if someone has been working on the tap previously.

If the service valve is turned on, and only one tap is affected, you’ll need to report a repair to us.

If all your hot taps are affected and there's no flow or water coming out of them at all, then give us a call to report the repair.

The water pressure is low, and I have a hot water cylinder to heat my hot water

If you’ve had some work done recently on your hot water system this might be the cause of your hot water flow problems.

Go to your hot water cylinder and make sure that the gate valve (looks like a red wheel) is fully open. To do this turn it fully anticlockwise. You’ll usually find this in your airing cupboard, just above the hot water cylinder. The valve will be attached to a pipe going into the bottom of the cylinder.

If you’ve got low cold and hot water pressure, you should also check that your main stop tap is turned on by turning anticlockwise. This is usually under your kitchen sink.

If you have an all-electric property, usually the hot water pressure is generally quite low, and the flow rate from the hot taps isn’t very quick. This is quite normal so there’s no need to report a repair to us.

If the flow has noticeably reduced recently or it’s a lot slower than normal, then you can report a repair.

My hot tap has cloudy water coming from it

This usually happens if you’ve got a combi boiler and can look cloudy because of tiny air bubbles. All you need to do is run a glass of water and let it settle for 30 seconds and you should notice it clears. You don’t need to report a repair to us as this is quite normal.

My cold tap has black bits in it

This usually forms in the end of the tap itself and is not normally a problem with the incoming mains water. It can affect one tap or every tap. It’s more common in lever taps as there is a plastic diffuser in the end of the tap that retains water/moisture. All you need to do is to clean the end of tap with an old toothbrush and this should solve the problem.

If you’re still worried that there’s an issue with the quality of your water supply, you need to get in touch with your water supplier. To find your supplier click here.

My hot tap isn’t hot enough

If it’s just one tap, turn your tap down to about half the flow so there’s not as much water running through it and see if that runs a bit warmer. This will give the water more time to heat up inside your boiler, increasing the temperature of the water from the tap.

If it’s your bath tap that’s affected, and you have access to a thermometer, test whether the water is between 44-48 degrees Celsius (111-118 Fahrenheit). If it is a lot cooler than this and you’re unable to bathe in it, give us a call to report the repair.

If all your hot taps are running cold, click here.

I’ve got an issue with my outside tap

If we fitted the tap, report a repair to us. We don’t repair or replace any outside taps if you have fitted them yourself, or fit new outside taps when there isn't one already there. You need permission to fit your own outside tap. To request this, click here.

If the tap is leaking or damaged, it can be isolated by using a service valve. This should be on the cold supply pipework inside the property, usually found just before the point at which the pipework runs through the wall to the tap.

Turn the service valve slot 45 degrees (a quarter turn), which should isolate the supply then report the repair.

It is good practice during extreme cold weather to isolate the supply to outside taps to help avoid burst pipes. The best thing to do is to turn the supply off during the winter months from November to March. Remember to open and close the outside tap once it’s been isolated. This will remove the water that’s held inside the pipe and tap reducing the risk of bursts.

How do I report a repair?

You can report a repair to us at anytime, anywhere using My Account or contact us via Live Chat. Let us know when reporting that you’ve followed the advice and what you’ve tried to get it working. This helps us to decide what to do next, and to make sure we send the right person for the job.

If you don’t have any hot water, give us a call on 0300 456 2531 to report it so we can get one of our plumbers out as soon as possible.